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Hello and welcome to the gardening world. My name is Steve Snedeker and I have been gardening for basically my entire working life. In my 35 years of landscaping and garden design and installations, I have run across an huge number of problems and have learned where to look when I faced those that were new to me.

Here's the real deal: I love the trade and I love the practice of gardening and dealing with plants. There are few arguments with plants and all they ask for is minimal attention to provide you with some intense and unbelieveable pleasure.

In this site, we will endeavor to introduce new people to the area as well as deal with problems of all sorts had by those with experience - it honestly never ends and no one - including me - knows everything. But I can guarantee you you are embarking on a wonderful experience if you are curious enough to try it all out, brand new. Let me help you get under way! Dig it!

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